Regulation That Works



OSTRA advocates for short-term rental regulations that respect property rights, protect the economic benefits vacation rentals bring our communities, while addressing nuisance issues and bad actors.

We believe smart regulations need to accomplish three clear goals

1 - Respect the property rights of all owners equally by recognizing all types of short-term rentals. Imposing bans on secondary rentals will push activity underground, thereby reducing tax revenue and inhibiting the travel experience.

2 - Implement an easy-to-use registration process that encourages compliance and eases the oversight process. Overly restrictive, expensive, or complex registration processes discourage short-term rental activity, reducing the social and economic benefits they bring to Hawai'i.

3 - Enforce sensible standards for nuisance and safety to ensure vacation rentals add value to communities. Onerous registration and unnecessary requirements are merely backdoor ways to eliminate short-term rentals.